What is the difference between neighing and whinnying? I was watching a movie, and I thought the horse in the show was neighing, but caption said it was whinnying. (I must be tone deaf Emotion: tongue tied )

intransitive verb : to neigh especially in a low or gentle fashion : WHICKER<the white mares ... whinnied and shook their bells -- William Saroyan> <she was stepping high and whinnied to her old teammates of the wagon -- Hervey Allen>

Hi Julie,

A serious question for a change!

My dictionary says

whinny = a gentle high-pitched neigh, usually expressing pleasure

neigh = a high whinnying sound

Both terms can also be used to describe how some people laugh.Emotion: big smile

I didn't try it, but maybe you can hear these differences at http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/tagsViewSingle.php?id=5328

Best wishes, Clive
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Thanks, Clive.

I could hear neighing from the link you provided -- exactly what I thought neighing should be.

Now all I need is to hear whinnying, so I'll know the next time someone laughs like that. Emotion: wink
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