Topic: Question for sponsorship letter: Dear Mr. (first or last?) name,

I was wondering whether you would put the first or last name. For example,

Dr. John Doe is a prospect sponsor. So....

Dear Dr. John,


Dear Dr. Doe,

Let me know what you think is appropriate.
It is not appropriate, in a business letter, to use the first name of someone you don't know. Some people may not mind but others will consider you terribly presumptuous.
Thank you, that really helps alot!

Best wishes,

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Regarding to your question. What is suitable for formal Letters(Salutation), it doesn't matter even if it is your close relative, friend, Father etc in that head of the Insti. there.>>>>You should Use..

Dear Sir,

Then follow by any topic you want to write APPLYING FOR THE POST OF A CLERK. after the Topic, you most underline the Topic...(Then Period).
'Dear Sir' or 'Dear Madam' should always only be a last resort and are to be used if you do not know the name of the person you are writing to.

Even for the most formal letter you should use a name if possible.

Hello everyone,

i want to ask could I use Dear Mr. John(First Name)???

please help and advice with many thanks

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