A common question comes in job written test or in interview test.
How you will define yourself.
So professionaly in any job i would like to describe my self.

"I am a person who is enthusiastic, dedicative, straightfarward , work for initiative , disciplined, very friendly, always ready to take pressures , optimistic "

Well infact this information is not sufficient and is not well organized so please post your views how you will desciribe your self and do not hesiste to higlight incorrections .

Thank you Very much.

"I am a person who is enthusiastic, dedicated, straightforward, disciplined, optimistic. I can act on my own initiative. I am good with people and work well under pressure."
I am friendly, punctual,straightforward and down to earth person, I love to meet and make friends with people from all sorts of backgrounds. I can work on my own or with a team.I like treating people just the way I want to be treated.