This video is very important for me to understand so thanks a lot for helping Emotion: smile

At 0.01 he says "berochim a'baim' ______ and welcome everyone

he says together? or again?

0:34 so we are _____? two people

0:57-58 that Gila has _____ unclear...

At 1:39 and then our president ______

what the name he says please?

At 4:52 her role ____ my favortie ____ partener ---few unclear words between

5:00 with Gila during my ___ TJC what is before TJC?

At 5:28 time get though as ____? synagogue


At 0.01
"[Greeting] -- again I want to welcome everyone"

In case it matters, I can't find evidence that "berochim a'baim" is a known way to transliterate this greeting into the Latin alphabet. I see Google hits for "bruchim habaim" and "bruchim ha'bayim", but I don't actually know the preferred spelling.

"so we're going to have remarks from two people"

"that Gila has touched in her life"

At 1:39
It is very hard to be sure how some names are spelled when one only hears them spoken. I typed what I thought it sounded like into Google, and the name "Linda Maizels" came up in some relevant-seeming contexts. You would need to verify that it is the same person.

At 4:52
"her role as my most favourite thought partner"

"working with Gila during my years at ..." then it sounds as if she fluffs the words "TJC", and has a second attempt at saying it.

At 5:28
"when times get tough, as they sometimes do in synagogue"


Your help is amazing so I won't give up with this video and will keep asking and it helps me also to improve and I will keep looking for unclear words many thanks