Always just shorts words that I don't manage to understand...

I will have more questions about new videos I found thanks:)


At 0:13 they weren't working and I __1 word___ ends up

At 0:40 (Female speaking_ So he is aware to everything and you know it, I didn't _______________ her

I can't understand what is in the gap

At 0:44 on the lights and you ___1 word___ me

At 1:00 (Male voice) Well let me… I just want _1 word____ things a little bit

At 1:07 let's just leave __1 word___ alone

He says "it"?

At 1:18 for anything? __2 words_____ you say you sorry

At 1:26 (Feamle speaker) Jesus Chris I _?____ say "okay that's cool and Sophia __3 words?____ that's not

On the first gap, is it "didn't" or "did"?
Second gap it isn't clear at all

At 1:34 (Male speaker) These lights here _4 words?_______ a point _______ don't work _________

First gap it's unclear

Second gap Maybe he said "They said they don't work"?

Third gap – you were in a rush?

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