I have in grammar book example of this :
This soup tastes strange . (tastes in this sentence is stative verb , strange is adj ) the translate of this question : the soup strange because the strange describe the pronouns.

but if i change the sentence to this : This soup tastes strangely. what this translat of this sentence?

BeginStudentThis soup tastes strangely. Wwhat this is the translation of this sentence?
To taste something is to put some of it into your mouth in order to decide if it's good or not. If you taste something strangely, you put it in your mouth in a strange way to decide if it's good. (Maybe you balance it on your finger and turn your head to left and stick out your tongue and do all kinds of strange things like that when you taste things.) So if the soup tastes things strangely, then the soup is putting things in its mouth in a strange way to decide if they're good. But soup doesn't have a mouth and soup can't taste things, so you see that This soup tastes strangelyis complete nonsense! Emotion: smile
'strange' as an adjective:
This soup tastes strange.
This soup has a strange taste.

'strange' as a comment adverb:
Strangely, the soup tastes terrible.
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You will see this type of construction quiet often.
She looks good! = Everything about her is good
This wine tastes terrific. = This wine is terrific
This station’s music sounds boring. = The music is boring.

When we are working with verbs of senses “feel, taste, sounds etc..)
Adjectives are acceptably used as adverbs.

She looks well does not carry the same meaning as “she looks good”

If we say “ looked sickly this morning”, people may not know what you exactly mean.
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Thanks for all helpers ,
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