Hi teachers~

I am wondering if a word 'hubby' is a common expression.

I have never heard of this before.

Thank in advance~


It is an informal word, as I expect you probably know. In the UK, my feeling is that this word would be reasonably commonly used by certain sections of the population, and never used by other sections. The distinction, I would say, is partly regional and partly one of register ("hubby" potentially being perceived as low register or folksy by those who would not use it).

I'm not sure about AmE usage. Hopefully an AmE speaker will be able to reply.

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In the US, I would call "hubby" a common jocular word for "husband". It verges on silly, and maybe "wifey" is its counterpart. There is a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor called "Chubby Hubby", aptly, I might add.

Thank you so much

It really helps a lot.

You are my savior~~

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anonymousjocular word for "husband". It verges on silly

In fact, I think this can be true in the UK too. People can use the word humorously who would not use it "seriously".

I would like to let you know

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