Hello everyone,
I am in my 1st year of university, studying Education for both Primary and Secondary.
I am quite nervous coming up to my first teaching rounds, and was hoping to get a few pointers from current, experienced teachers.

My main fear is...
# How do i construct an interesting lesson that the students will enjoy?

As teachers of Literacy....
# What activity have you conducted in class that has been highly informative as well as very enjoyable?
# What did you teach the class?
# How did you go about putting that class together?

Thanks for taking a few mins out to listen to my request, and i hope you have a few more mins to answer my question.

Very much appreciated,
All the best,
Laura (Melbourne, Australia)
Hi Laura.....you can get all your answers at this website

Check out www.teacher-of-english.com

Loads of excellent quality lessons for kids of all ages and ability. I join a month ago and haven't looked back!

Steve Shaw
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Well in my limited experience, I have found that using literature pieces as a spring board is particularly effective. For example you can discuss a short story and use the characters and situations in your grammar example. Or have them correct the grammar of poem, since poems have a lot of overlooked errors due to poetic license. Hope this will help.