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At 0:23 You and I ____ in the people business

Is it "are"?

At 0:27 Hopefully they ____ happier then when

Here I think it's "live"

At 0:51 they are the best pickle __2 words___ I always

Maybe he said "In Seattle"?

At 1:10 That's ____the way you're going to run your restaurant

Did he say "not"? otherwise this sentence doesn't make sense to me, since the client left the place upset...

At 1:15 Well I got that letter ___2 words_____ an entrepreneur

He says "and from"?

At 1:28 Please come back _____ a coupon

He said "I give" not sure…

At 1:36 the _______ of our company


At 1:45 in our business ______ we hear something

At 1:50 Give them the pickle

Did I got it right?


At 0:23 You and I are in the people business

At 0:27 Hopefully they leave happier then when they came in

At 0:51 they are the best pickle in Seattle

At 1:10 (If) that's the way you're going to run your restaurant, Mr Farrell, (then) I'm not coming back

He means "If ...", but he does not say the word clearly (or at all).

At 1:15 He seems to say "And when I got that letter, and from an entrepreneur who's just starting on his second store, that hurt". It seems from the overall context that the entrepreneur is him, not the letter-writer, so it is a bit confusing. Possibly he meant to say "for" not "from".

At 1:28 gave him a coupon

At 1:36 the war-cry of our company

At 1:45 No matter what happens in our business, and we hear something going on

He seems to say "and", but possibly he should have said "when".

At 1:50 Give 'em the pickle!

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I added the following note to your previous question, but it was after you had read my original reply, so you may not have seen it:

"By the way, you know about the computer-generated subtitles available through the YouTube "cog" icon at the bottom of the screen, right? These would have answered a couple of your questions, but in other cases they are wildly or bizarrely wrong."