Some more questions from the same video, again few unclear words thanks.


At 3:16 have to get ___1 word_____it's something

What is the word here please?

At 3:18 described it as like ___1 word?_____there's

At 3:45 with all the __1 word?____blood

At 4:39 we've _______ Medicare

Is it billing?

At 5:01 every person _1 word_______ of where

It's too fast I can't understand

At 5:41 people in a decentralized ___1 word?_____just

5:43 just one ______ question

is it "last"?

At 5:56

that nobody ______?

Is it "meets?"

At 6:11

_________ the world

Here he said one or two words I'm unable to understand


At 3:16
have to get stuck

At 3:18
described it as like spiders

At 3:45
with all their blood

At 4:39
we've been billing Medicare

At 5:01
every person, irrespective of where they go

At 5:41
in a decentralized context

just one last question

At 5:56
that nobody needs

At 6:11
disrupting the world