Quick fix society

I do think our Chinese have more or less adopted the quick-fix lifestyle.

First, with the development of globalization, the time that China closed its door has gone. We are used to this lifestyle. For example, we are bringing in new technology and advanced management. We communicate with phone, work by computer, travel by air, etc. We have to catch up with the quick pace, or we’ll fall behind.

As the quick-fix lifestyle makes our life more convenient, it also has negative influence. We have lost a lot, since we are eager to find so-called shortcut. We change Long March to one-day trip from Jiangxi to Shanxi. If you have no patience to watch TV series day after day, you just download them on the Internet. We “enjoy” compressed masterpieces and albums.

It is known to all that time is precious, but it doesn’t mean we should do everything in hasty. Let’s learn to take the time we should save to enjoy the time we should spend.

I'm a Chinese girl. Would you like to make some comment on this article? Thank you! And what's your view on this topic? Do you enjoy your lifestyle now?

I don't know " what quick-fix " means.

I guess your topic is quick fix lifestyle. ( I only read once so I might be wrong )

In your first paragraph that you support the change. Otherwise China falls behind.

In your sencond paragrah that you switch to againt it. I dont know what kind of bad things are if you say the quick fix lifestyle is negative.

In last parageph which is your conclusion that you support your second paragraph.

Let’s learn to take the time we should save to enjoy the time we should spend. ( I dont get it )

My lifestyle is great. I watch TV, go to movies, go to ball games, go to bar, other funny activies.
Thanks for your attention!

Here "quick fix" means to be eager for quick success and instant beniefit.

nowadays, people just do things in a hurry. In the past, we may put a little of each paycheck away "for a rainy day". If we wanted to be thinner, we simply ate less of our favorite foods and waited to the scale to drop. Now we use medicine or liposuction. Once, we lingerd over every word of a classic novel or the latest best seller. Today, we read the condensed version or just listen to the tape of the book.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying we should go back .In some case, this lifestyle is a sign of development. But let's enjoy every subtle change of our life and rediscover life in the slow lane.

Have a good day!
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Hi!~nice to meet you .My English name is Anycall. I am an English major in beijing normal university Zhuhai campus. Now,I am learning a text about "quick fix society" Our intensive English book has an obvious view about "quick fix" in USA.Here I am going to write something down for you..

"When did it all begin ,this urge to do it now,to get it over with,to skim the surface of life?Why are we in such a hurryt to save time?And what are we going to do with all the time we save besides,rushing out to save some more ?The sad truth is that we don't know how to use the time we save,Because all we're good at is saving time,not spending time.
i wrote a a piece at university about our quick fix society back in 2002. Back then the subject was seen as something making reference to the "ill's of society" content that had been produced in the 60's and 70's, and hence slightly unrelevant to the feel of our time. recently i've unearthed it again and have subsequently undertaken a second draft of this work for my own personal satisfaction as well as to better understand this underlying addictive nature of our current state.

it's very interesting to learn how people perceive the quick fixes that affect their lives in different cultures and in different parts of the world.
1) Let’s learn to take the time we should save 2) to enjoy the time we should spend. ( I dont get it )

the time we spend [2] is what we do. the time we should save [1] is the time we are saving by taking shortcuts.
we should take the time from 1 to enjoy 2.

I think she was trying to say is we are greedy, we dont live i the moment.

we SPEND TIME to try to SAVE TIME, so we dont always enjoy the time we are spending. (investing)
because we are always in a hurry to get goals or deeds acomplished.

so instead of rusing through things [spending time] just to save time, we should enjoy the time we try to save by taking things slow.Emotion: happy
"slow and steady wins the race."

My Grandmother always say "You eat your meals to fast." That it is impossible for me to taste the food and ejoy the food.
To me the food still taste good, I enjoyed my meal. One day decided to eat my meal slow. By chewing every bite slolwy, I tasted the flavor of the meal, I enjoyed the texture, etc... Emotion: happy
I ate my meals fast because I wanted to hurry to finished so I could get seconds before my brother. (greed)
we Rush thorugh task[save time] so we can reap the benifts before someone else takes what we want.(greed)
by rushing you dont get to FULLY enjoy what you did.

ith satemet she stated "Let’s learn to take the time we should save to enjoy the time we should spend." is not worded properly. "Let's learn to enjoy each moment for what it's worth." -Everybody

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Gee, you're right. I wish life would slow down.