quiet mode / silent mode / manner mode

when it comes to the cell-phones, which one do you use more often??

does the last one inappropriate?? because we do use that one too here in korea, but i never heard any native english speakers said that. Emotion: smile
Most of us Japanese also say "manner mode". But "vibrate mode" and "silent mode" are much commoner among English speakers.

how about QUIET MODE? Emotion: smile

and paco, just out of quriosity, are you Japanese teaching English in Japan? Emotion: smile

i love your reports on Japanese dogs learning how to bow-wow in English. hehe
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Hello Jen

I googled four phrases. Some 30000 people are using "vibrate mode", 15000 "silent mode", 600 "manner mode". The users of "quiet mode" are less than 500.

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"manner mode"? I would have thought "manners mode" -- having good manners.

Manner mode ? this is a new one for me. How does it work ?
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CalifJim"manner mode"? I would have thought "manners mode" -- having good manners.
Since I read CJ's comment I have been thinking "manner mode" might be a made-in-Japan English phrase and have been looking for any evidence to prove it, but I haven't found anything till now.

Actually you can hear "manner mode" quite often in Japan (and maybe in Korea). If you come to Japan and get into a train, you will repeatedly hear an announcement like "Please be sure to turn off your cell phone or set it to manner mode". "Manner mode" is definitely a queer phrase. It's like saying "mode mode" or "manner manner". It is highly probable some Japanese person erroneously coined this queer phrase by confusing "manner" and "manners".