Could you please tell me if I understand the following correctly?

QUIET DOWN = transitive verb

QUIETEN DOWN = intransitive verb

The mother was trying to quiet down the crying baby. or

The mother was quieting down the crying baby.


The crying baby didn't quieten down the whole night.


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Your search found: quieten Usage examples Trends quieten (ˈkwaɪətən )
Definitions verb (mainly British) (often followed by down) to make or become calm, silent, etc; pacify or become peaceful (transitive) to allay (fear, doubts, etc)
Synonyms View thesaurus entry = silence, subdue, stifle, still, stop, quiet, mute, hush, quell, muffle, shush (informal) = soothe, calm, allay, dull, blunt, alleviate, appease, lull, mitigate, assuage, mollify, deaden, tranquillize, palliate

Example Sentences Including 'quieten' The Amish girl tried her best to quieten down, but she was still frightened. Keene, Carolyn THE WITCH TREE SYMBOL The previous evening, as the streets had begun to quieten , she had been strangely drawn to the roof of the building. Forrest, Roberta WHEN THE APRICOTS BLOOM He never bothered to quieten his movements for the benefit of the sleeping household. Fraser, Christine Marion NOBLE BEGINNNINGS Comments Log in to comment on this word.
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I have to disagree with you when you say there is no such word as quieten. Quieten is listed in all the major English dictionaries including the Oxford English dictionary which is the definitive record of the English language in the United Kingdom.
Tom is incorrect. Americans do use quieten. I grew up in North Carolina using it.