Dear teachers,

I've found the following sentence in 'TIME FOR KIDS".
The URL: http://www.timeforkids.com/news/hot-potato-issue/16206

'USDA's proposal was about helping kids to eat a very wide variety of vegetables, and I think that point has been lost in all this,"

I have no idea what the red colored part means. I vaguely know what it means, but I'd like to know it clearly.
Are there any sentences omitted?
And the other thing what I have no idea is 'all' is not followed by plural.

Would anyone paraphrase the sentence in order for me to understand it?

Thank you in advance

'In all this' refers to all of the political wrangling referred to in the earlier part of the article: the Senate blocking the USDA proposal, Maine' sponsored amendment, concerns on school district costs, etc.

The sentence's point is that the arguments about serving potatoes have obscured the real thrust of the USDA proposal, which is to encourage children to eat a greater variety of vegetables.
Hello, Mister Micawber

Now, it makes sense to me.
Thank you very much.