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Dear All

pls help me compose a quatation letter in english with the subject of computer application


We'll certainly help you, but you have to try to write the letter first. When you have done your best, post it here for our comments and corrections.
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plz help me compose a quotation letter in english with the subject of mechanical tool testing
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24TH JULY,2008

<P.O BOX number>
<City name>

Dear Sir,


Reference is given to the above ad we quote as follows;


1kg @ kshs.150/-
dear james
i just want to ask if you made the quotation letter.if you dont mind if u knew already how to do pls teach me too.
Dear Sir or Madam:

How are you !

This is Jane .I am glad to introduce you that as below:

We are a big refrigerator and freezer manufacturers in china.The name of our company is : Ningbo Handian Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd .It is one of the subsidiaries of Kaifeng Group. It is becoming one of the most famous and biggest refrigerator and freezer manufacturers.So if you plan to purchase this product pls contact me directly !It is our pleasure that if anything we can help you !

Thank you for your early reply!

Thanks and Best Rgds


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