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I would like to have a general form about an asking for quotation letter, meaning I’d would like to write a formal letter witch ask for prices, technical specifications and special offers about to a technological products supplier company.

Raul Vecchione
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Raul Vecchione
Street Address
City, Province/State
(Country if different than the recipient's address)
Postal Code

August 3, 2004 (I like using 3 August 2004...but most people do it differently)

John Doe
1122 Boogie Boogie Avenue
San Diego, California

Dear Mr. John Doe:

The purpose of this letter is to solicit quotes, technical specifications, and other relevant information from your company with respect to the following products:

1) Lawn mowers,
2) Hedge trimmers,
3) Rakes,
4) Leaf blowers,
5) Snow blowers,
6) Shovels, and
7) Christmas lights.

If there are any special offers or opportunities to obtain the above items at reduced prices, please be sure to include this information with your response. Please mail/fax/e-mail [choose one] your information as soon as possible [or by a certain date].

Should you have any questions or concerns with this letter, please contact me at 011-785-8745-9874.

Thank you for your assistance.

Yours truly,

Raul Vecchione


You don't have to number your items as I have done. I like numbers in this instance because if I do speak with him later, I can say, I am still missing information on items: 4, and 7. If you have a long list of items, it is nice to simply provide the numbers rather than having to describe each item over the phone again while the person writes it down.

Also, the numbered items should be indented. Because of the way this web page works, I can't indent it. But you should.

Does this meet your needs?
MH, You gave me a very dedicated letter, it really meets my needs.
Thank you very much
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can i know sample letter for catering quotation
well nice job .....but it seems to be informal than a businees letter

The degree of formality needed very much depends on the country you live in.

Indian English is much, much more formal than any other kind of English I know about.

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!
Definitely,it really meets my need.Raushan Raj
Thanks. Just what I needed.
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