I've tried searching to see if anyone else has brought this up, but it doesn't seem likely. Anyway, my predicament is, as the title states, quoting a quote. Not exactly, anyway. Argh. On with the question.

So, in English class for an essay, I'm quoting the author of a poem, who is in turn quoting his uncle, Curt.

The line of the poem that I'm quoting is:

Uncle Curt laughs, "We're Americans."

I'm quoting that. So the real question is, how do I correctly quote that? I tried, "Uncle Curt laughs, "We're Americans.""

That quadruple quote thing at the end doesn't seem... right, though. So then I tried, "Uncle Curt laughs, 'We're Americans.'"

Are any of these correct? If not, any help for a poor laddie?
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Thank you! I'm searching on my university's site and in the actual MLA handbook (7th ed) and I can't find this. Your post finished my due today essay paper. Awesome! Now let's go fly kites! Emotion: big smile
This really helpedEmotion: embarrassed
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Love that episode! friends was the best...
Shouldn't it only end with this: "

I was taught that the only time you'd have multiple apostrophes in both a single and a double are at the beginning and internally, but you end the quote (even if the last word is part of someone's speech) with only "

For example:
Peter said, "I just heard Jim say, 'My new car is red.'"

Would be:

Peter said, "I just heard Jim say, 'My new car is red."

I'm not sure if this is correct or not. It's just the way I learned from my teacher who taught us using the MLA handbook.
Yes, that is right. At first, I had thought that you use two quotes instead of three. Thank you.
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Thank you so much! im writing an essay on The Outsiders and i was stumped by how to quote a quote
Thanks for the question and the answer. So helpful!
When quoting inside a quote inside a quote inside a quote...etc., you alternate between single and double quotation marks.

I said to her, "Yesterday John said to me, 'Did you know Jane never says, "Hello" to me?' and then he left." She didn't respond.
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