I've tried searching to see if anyone else has brought this up, but it doesn't seem likely. Anyway, my predicament is, as the title states, quoting a quote. Not exactly, anyway. Argh. On with the question.

So, in English class for an essay, I'm quoting the author of a poem, who is in turn quoting his uncle, Curt.

The line of the poem that I'm quoting is:

Uncle Curt laughs, "We're Americans."

I'm quoting that. So the real question is, how do I correctly quote that? I tried, "Uncle Curt laughs, "We're Americans.""

That quadruple quote thing at the end doesn't seem... right, though. So then I tried, "Uncle Curt laughs, 'We're Americans.'"

Are any of these correct? If not, any help for a poor laddie?
A quote within a quote uses single quotations.

Jim said, "My new car is red."

Peter said, "I just heard Jim say, 'My new car is red.'"

So your last version is correct.
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Thank you, I am dealing with the same problem
the second one, with 3 quotes, is correct
I have a mystery one for you...my son is in honors english and his teacher told him that a quote from a book that is quoted in a paper he is writing, if taken in its entirety has three marks such as the sentence below:

"'rob is a great kid'"

This lookes wrong too me.

would love your answer back at my email too
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I think your son needs to get some clairifaction from his teacher.
Yeah, thats great and everything, but here's a real hard question for you.

I am writing a paper right now and I have to quote a quote that has a quote inside of it. I think I will just not quote this part. Tough stuff.

Its like the episode of FRIENDS where "they don't KNOW that we KNOW that they KNOW we KNOW they KNOW" if you havnt seen that episode... you are a lost cause.
smart guy, thanks i needed help with that one too Emotion: smile
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you do 1 regular quotation the space the do a single and it looks like this " ' Blah blah ' "
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