I display things in rows,

Things common,exotic and some rarely known.

Many of these things can be,

A few,a dozen or a hundred and three.

By combining my wares once can make cakes,

One can make forests or one can make lakes.

I can be found color coded,

Black and white,or diligently noted.

I organize ingredients from light to heavy

The selection of which there is a bevy.

Although my order occurs naturally,

It also makes sense to organize factually.
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Nope but you're very close to the answer.Make a small leap and then I'm sure you'll find it out.Emotion: wink
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RNA? Or maybe simply cells? Emotion: big smile
Keep guessing..

A little clue --->>> Not so related with Biology
A library!
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NOpe Emotion: big smile come on..I'm sure that you know the answer..
Ohhh... dictionary!

- Joy
nopeeee....oh come on riddle expertsS..YOU MUST be kidding.. Emotion: big smile
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