alot of people think that they will be happy if they had alot of money and materialistic stuff
but to me i think bing happy is astate of mind

u can chose 2 be happy or sad?
when u think of bad things that happend 2 u ur mind will exagerate ...every thing will seem worse u will hate ur self and life then u will be misrable and in bad mood

so why do we do that when we r in control of our selfs and mind...just think of the things u have in ur life no matter how small they r
it could be anice word somone said 2 u or anything or big things like family/ security

but when we feel down or stressed we need to get away

to me when ever i feel stressed or in bad mood ...iwatch disney cartoons???it remindes me of happier days and it relaxes me

so how about u?what do u do to get away from stress and relax?
Hi Nora,
I would like to make a friendly suggestion for you. This is an English forum, so could you please set a good example for others and not use text-message abbreviations, and improper capitalizations?
To relax and relieve depression or sadness, I find nothing better than to help other people or to go for a nice walk.
All the best!.
Hi Noura,

Could you write in a more careful way? Please, it's "you" not "u", "to" not "2", "your" not "ur", "are" not "r". You also need capital letters and punctuation ... please, please, please! Emotion: crying
As a learner, I find this type of writing difficult to follow and a bit frustrating 'cause I need to read every passage a couple of times before understanding it. Emotion: cryingEmotion: cryingEmotion: crying

(Maybe I'm too old for such texts? )

(PS: Happy belated birthday!)
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hi guys
im also learning the languge im very sorry iwas very exsited to write
i thought it will be easier

thanks alot for correcting my mistakes i will learn alot from u becuse im very bad in writting and that was my first tries i hope u like it

thanks alot tanit
Hi Noura,

Learning to write well is a gradual process. You already have a good understanding of many parts of English.

Here are two more: For the word "I" - always use a capital. The word "alot" should be "a lot" -- two words. Native speakers make this mistake a lot as well! Emotion: smile