What does it by "rabbit trail?"
eg. What yo udon't want to do is let yourself get caught running down a rabbit trail cleaning up some piece of your work and then not be able to get through th whole action-management implementation process.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

I had never heard of "rabbit trail" before. Emotion: smile After some search, I found this in another forum:

Rabbit trails go here, there, and everywhere, and pretty much tend to lead nowhere. (Have you ever watched a dog sniff out a rabbit trail? It wanders in small then wider circles, around and around, feverishly looking for the rabbit - literally, a meal and, figuratively, the point of one's argument.) No one knows what's at the end of a rabbit trail (the point of one's argument). Is there even an end to it? It's a confusing maze of pointless leads. In short, a rabbit trail leads (us) nowhere. It serves only to confuse the prey/the reader. It keeps them preoccupied and confused.

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Thanks a lot. Actually I found the same thing after posting my original question.