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Rachel: Oh God... well, it started about a half hour before the wedding. I was in the room where we were keeping all the presents, and I was looking at this gravy boat. This really gorgeous Limoges gravy boat. When all of a sudden- (to the waitress that brought her coffee)Sweet 'n' Lo? (Q: Why there were laugthers in the background after Rachel said this line?)- I realized that I was more turned on by this gravy boat than by Barry!(Q: what does it mean by turned on used here?) And then I got really freaked out, and that's when it hit me(Q: why is "hit" used here?): how much Barry looks like Mr. Potato Head(Q:What's this phrase mean?). Y'know, I mean, I always knew he looked familiar, but... Anyway, I just had to get out of there, and I started wondering 'Why am I doing this, and who am I doing this for?'. (to Monica) So anyway I just didn't know where to go, and I know that you and I have kinda drifted apart, but you're the only person I knew who lived here in the city.
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After 11 years also this tv serial is in discussion.. what a wonderful creation !

Thanks for the explanation ..

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Rachel was explaning to them she realized that the gravy boat got her attention and excited her more than the wedding of her ownself and there is no hear of her soon to be husband on her mind