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oh, excuse me, nina brit, what about serbian people in kosovo, or in croatia, or in bosnia? no one is talking about 500,000people that left Croatia within couple of days. what about them?Or people that have to exhumate dead bodies from tne graves,without the priest coz they cannot visit the dear ones that passed away?All these people i have mentioned are serbian, n while i judge any crime that serbian people did, i have NEVER read any comment on serbian people being victims, n many of them were!!!!!!
Yes it really sad that the world is filled with hate!!!
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what makes you think that especially europe has so much hate crimes? In my country there is almost no racism against asian people and they are very welcome, some other ethic groups are a bit less welcome, but they don't have anyone to blame but themselves for that.
hey greestone!

in here people who speaks i think they dont have any idea about racism. they have never felt they are victims and thats why they speak like that. u dont understand racism until u are suffering it...

hey dont escape! the problem of rasicm is not your problem, you must live over it. The problem is the racist's one! they are who have a problem not you.. come on! you can live your life perfectly knowing that this world whenn it was made it wasnt drawn by god with stupid lines called fronteers! so who are losing their time being racist with others are very very very bored people who dont have anything else to do... (if you suggest them to classifie socks at home, they will stop annoying you..)

laaaalalaaaa!! be happy wherever you like! and if not, go to Istanbul. when i was there i felt for first time as one citizen more!
every single person is racist..i am you are we all are..its not a thing we can helppeople ar racits...but if someone is racist to you the dont know who you are...you see a person in cloths..there poor dont hang around them..or a telemarketer on the phone...i cant understand them hang up...we will always have racism but if youjust defend your self...racism doesnt matter
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There are so many threads becuase it is happening all around us! open your eyes and see the world for what it actually is. Humans are disturbed creatures that need to notice that what they are doing is absolutely wrong. When will people understand that they are just pigments of skin?
DavidThe best way to overcome it would be if we all started being a little more tolerant and less critical.
you are so right.