I'll tell you this now: this thread is related to racism. tell me this isn't true:

Hate crimes are happening all over the world, especially europe. I have read that, in Europe, numbers of hate crimes targeted against ethnic groups are on the rise. Families have fled countries in result of harrasment and attacks.

This saddens me a lot because one of the most targeted (among others) are Asians, and that is my ethnic group. People around the world should be working together to try and premote diversity and peace. I used to want to move to Australia or someplace in Europe, but now i'm not so sure anymore. I'm afraid of the kind of feedback i may receive.
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Why there are so many thread about racism? Emotion: tongue tied
I don't see a question, but if you want a comment about it, I think you are starting to fell as a victim too much. I'm being completely honest and respectful.
Just think there are millions of people in Europe, and now you tell me: do you really think most of them are racist? I do not believe it.
Please stop feeling as a victim, or everybody is gonna treat you as a victim, and I'm sure you don't want that. Everybody has problems. Try to get over them.
Ha, believe me. I AM trying to get over it, and it's not as easy as you think. Of course i feel like a victim, and i have no problem denying it either. To many like myself, racism is a HUGE problem and it needs to fixed! have you ever been targeted by racism? If not: well i understand why you think it's easy to get over it. But if you have, you would be right where i am: trying to put a stop to the hating!

The more people are informed and aware of what is going on, the better the chance of helping to stop it. It may not be much, but it's a start.
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And to add to that, doesn't it alarm you to find that the hate crimes are RISING? I'd be terrified!
Sometimes the people who complain most about racism are people whose countries of origin are more racist that the countries they complain about. Just a thought.
Here's another thought: one's complaints don't reflect upon their country of origin. You may be right somehow, but this is just me, and i speak for myself, not others.
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The best way to overcome it would be if we all started being a little more tolerant and less critical.
I'm not sure that racism is really rising, I think it just tends to change its targets now and then. I don't think that Asians are being particularly targeted in Europe at the moment. As far as I can see in Britain, the biggest wave of racism at the moment is anti-East European/new European states (i.e. against Kosovans etc).

I find it all quite depressing.
Thanx this told me great information
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