I've an idea for an interesting thread... I'll start out by asking one random question, such as "What is your favorite color?" Then, the next person who posts will answer that question, and post a new one, such as "What is your favorite food?" The next person will answer that question, and pose another...

Does that sound the least bit amusing? (I hope so.) Emotion: smile

My Question: "What is your favorite animal?"
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KYsheeplover06My Question: "What is your favorite animal?"

My favorite animal is rabbit.

My Question: Whom do you like most? Dad? Mom?
and I like Mon most.

My Q: Can you play badminton in your sparetime? or have you heard that ever?
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and I like Mon most.

My Q: Can you play badminton in your sparetime? or have you heard that ever?

I can play badminton at my sparetime , and I have heard it in all my life.

My Question: What is your favorite breakfast?
My favourite breakfast is naughty but very nice. It is called the 'Full English breakfast' and not many people eat it at home any more but you get it at hotels and cafes and it is a bit of a treat. I get a full English once a week now as I go to a business breakfast meeting and it is served there, and sometimes me and my boyfriend will go to the cafe at our local supermarket on a Sunday morning for a treat 'Full English'. If you ever come to stay in England you will usually be served a full English breakfast by the guest house or hotel.

It has most or all of the following:

Tea, toast with jam, marmalade or marmite type spreads, cereal with milk, fruit juice, then a plate of cooked food including bacon, sausage, fried or scrambled egg, tomatos, baked beans, mushrooms, black pudding, fried bread, hash brown.

You can see why we don't eat it everyday!

New question: How many seasons are there where you live and what are they called? In Britain we have Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
Here in Kentucky we have Autumn (more commonly reffered to as "Fall"). Winter, Spring, and Summer as well. It's winter as of now. Emotion: smile

My Question: "What's your favorite movie?"
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My favorite movie is 'Flight 93'.

Question: What country you want to visit once in your life? Why?
The one country I want to visit in my lifetime is Great Britain, just because I love its history, culture, and everything about it. Emotion: smile

My question: "Which language do you wish you could speak well, but can't?"

Italian, for a person like me who speaks Portuguese, Spanish and some French… Italian is the one missing. But I understand quite a lot.

Are you happy on your profession? (Mention your actual profession).
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