Does anyone know of any software for randomly generating words?
I would love to get my hands on a program that could do this! It would be great in class.
I sometimes make lists of idioms and then get students to create a story. Each student must make a sentence which continues the development of the story and includes the next idiom on the list.
If there is software that can generate random words or idioms, I would love to know.
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Maybe there is but I don't know where. It would be interesting to have and it wouldn't be too difficult to make (if you know programming which I don't know much at all).
If all else fails, there is always drawing pieces of paper out of a hat.
Yeah, I'm also lousy at program writing. I tried years ago (many, many years ago) in basic, but nothing ever worked. Maybe the cats were secretly tampering with my code!
Yeah, pulling strips from a hat would work, but it would be pretty time consuming to make the strips. Using a program it might also be possible to grade the difficulty level, for example;
Level B (basic) - 1500 word base vocab.
I (interm.) 3000
A (adv.) 4500
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Mike, why don't you try it? You are such a good artist.
Thanks Maj, but if you see my art you may change your mind. I have never been good at drawing programs (computer software), much less writing them.
I was talking about your pictures, there is sth beautiful in all of them, something poetic.
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Thanks Maj, I'm flattered. Have you seen any of my pictures, or are you uncannily gifted? Emotion: smile
Don't forget that i can read your mind.[P]
Oh oh, I'd best be careful Emotion: smile Blushing Emotion: wink
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