Hello. Nice to meet you. If you have any ideas, don't hesitate to write.
I strat writing an essay. It's not easy. Acually I didn't know the origin of rap but I got to know the relationship between rap and African-American.

Do you think rap music affect racism in America?
Or you just think that it's not important...

Thank you for reading.

I dont mean to be negative.

but I think that is a very weak area to base an essay around,

I dont think it would be impossible to write a decent interesting essay,

but the link between racism & rap music is really an oddball idea that many people would feel does not exist at all.

I think there could be some interesting things to research in that area, such as the use of extremely visceral violent, racist, criminal, sexist/sexual, anti-gay etc - lyrics becoming completley socially acceptable through popular "black" corporate music (rap)

For example if a white group made music about murdering , robbing & raping - I dont think it would be that well received!

You could research the evolution of early hip-hop to "gangsta-rap" and the evolution of "gangsta-rap" to the hugeley corporate world of american popular music in the mid 90's to present. where "black" or rap music is the number one form of popular chart topping music in america.

You could try and research attitudes in white smalltown america toward NY/LA rooted "black" music which is almost always graphically sexual/criminal or violent.

you could see if some people frown upon this, and find prejudices against black people through it.

Like I said, you have a lot of hard work ahead of you if you choose that route.

Maybe you could choose something easier such as rap music = gun crime?
Thank you very much.

Actually the subject, rap music and racism in America is not the title of my essay. I just thought that there might be some connection. I think the lyrics of rap are the voice of African-American. But I also agree that many people doesn't feel like that.

I intend to write about rap(including lyrics, gangsta-rap, and etc.) and American culture.

For me it's too hard to figure out the connection. How rap music affected American values and culture?

I think I have to think and reserch more. If you have other ideas, please let me know. Thank you.
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Hello. I don't know if you'll ever read this because you are probably finished with your paper (I hope you made out just fine with it). I am doing a paper on the same thing, actually mine is about rap lyrics and the racist and misogynistic contents in them. It is harder than I thought it would be when I chose this topic because in my research my opinion is changing quite often. I'm at the point right now where I think rappers (or should I say, Gangsta rappers) should be a little more conscious of their choice of words because of the listening audience (children and young teens), but then I understand their point when they say it's their freedom of speech. And most of them are only making money off of real-life experiences; then there are those who capitalizing on what they know Americans spend the most money on. So it's hard to stay steadfast in your opinion when you're researching both sides. I hope you were able to come to a conclusion. Give me your opinion, maybe I can incorporate it in my paper. Thanks
Hey, guys. To tell you true, i also have a topic about Hip-Hop. Are you from smc?
Are you from Santa Monica college?
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I think this is a topic that can quickly turn into a debate. Rap and racism to me has a hidden connection from the social political point of view. The line is drawn clearly between the X generation and the one before. In addition, it has much to do with one’s religious background and social stand. I am almost certain for I know no one with conservative mind and Christianity belief will listen to Raps in general, let alone gangster raps. The profanity, the body language, the suggestive movement, the exposed female bodies and the hood attitude are deliberately choreographed to arouse the young minds. What is perplexing is that the white rappers were making it to big time status in the rap audience. Eminem is a good example.

There are hard-core raps and milder variety. But personally, I would not agree it should be called music. It doesn’t take a genius to write the lyrics of a rap song. As to the music, well, what music!

Going back to the question whether there is a connection between rap and racism, I personally feel this way. There is a certain stigma with rap. If we watch MTV or any music channel on TV, we soon will notice almost all the rap “artists” are African Americans and if we still remember, 2pack and many other rap artists who were killed by violent gun fires. It’s the behavior and life style portrayed in the rap video that made the image of black people which has by itself does not benefit the race and the lyrics and portrayal reinforced the image. There is much more than meets the eyes, but I strongly feel there is a certain stigma it rappers. There is no doubt raps do play a role in racism, as just the same with white rockers are weed smoking and dope heads