What exactly is rape kit?

I assume it means number of tests that a victim has to undergo, after being raped.
I have to translate it, and I'm not sure that my language has all this tests comprised in one word.

"the materials and instructions needed to accrue the minimum amount of evidence so that a medical laboratory can conduct the most thorough examination."

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Bravo! Thank you abbie
Hi, Antonia:

A 'Rape Kit' is more professionally referred to as a 'Sexual Assault Kit'. It seems that your question is also asking however, about tests included in the kit? If this is so, let me just give you a couple of ideas:
*2 types of kits are available (1) for the victim and (1) for the offender/perpetrator of the crime

- Victim's kit will include these things and more:
*pick and envelopes for collecting debris/samples from under fingernails (nail scraping)
* camera for taking photos of injuries
* slides, swabs and containers for collecting vaginal and rectal swabs and smears
* anatomical drawing chart
* clothing bags, etc.

I hope this is helpful for envisioning what you are trying to talk about with your English students.

Melodie in Canada
Thanks, Melodie!
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