hi friends,
I am a college student.I have a big problem.Whenever I am asked to give a seminar or asked to speak in front of a crowd I get tensed.I could feel the pain of a rat running in my stomach.I very well know that the people in front of me are not ghosts and they won't humiliate even if I go wrong.But still my hands tremble.Sometimes its out of my control and puts me into embracing situations.Hope I would get valuable suggestions to solve this problem.Thanks in advance.
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The best thing to do is stand behind desk or something which hides the rest of body, except your hands and face from the rest and make sure you can grab something in your hand, that helps to re-assure.
This suggestion is taken from body language books. If you can read abook on Body language , you will benefit from that.
Oh! that's a nice idea eagle! I will check it out
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I'm heeding that advice also! (Have a job promotion interview coming up soon)

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Ayesha - I have a suggestion. Pick one person in the group that you are most comfortable with, and imagine that you are speaking to that person only.
Another idea that I have heard is to imagine that your audience is naked - or something else that makes you feel as though they are the ones that should be embarrassed, not you. (I don't know what your culture is, so I apologize if this suggestion is offensive. )

Is "a rat running in my stomach" an idiom in your native language, or just your own way of describing the feeling? In Americn (I'm not sure about England) we have an expression "I have butterflies in my stomach." Your rat sounds much more uncomfortable!

I hope you don't mind a correction - but I think you mean "an embarrassing situation," not an "embracing" one. Unless you are forced to hug people to stop your hands from trembling!

I think many people have the problem you describe - if you find a solution that works for you, please tell us!
Thank you khoff for correcting me.The title is not an idiom or anything like that.
I was just kidding.Moreover I wished to explain my great difficulty in expressing my
thoughts in front of a crowd.I found your suggestions very interesting.I am also eager to know some facts on how to draw others attention towards our speech.
Especially the way of addressing people,facial gestures,body language etc.,
Hope all of us would find a combined solution!! (y)
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The last time I was in a situation like that, I was unfortunately standing behind a four-legged table with two tall bouquets of flowers on the front corners (toward the audience). When I grabbed the table to steady myself, the table wobbled and the flowers waved as if blown by a brisk breeze. So there was no recourse and no hope. The rats ran on.
Hello Ayesha,
I have seen my Sr. manager give good presentations and she is really a good Orator. What I notice in her is that she goes slow, and clear, with hands going in all direction either gently or with force on the table. If you want to draw attention at some sentence to prove its vitality you have to be forcefull at that point, so pat the table or pump your hand/ fist. And at point where you want to explain a situation use easy movement.
I find her doing that often, so you may try that.

Note- Go slow, and clear.

Why dont you try some speeches at home, lets say clock the time, and make sure it is approx 120-130 words per minute and not more, thats the ideal pace your mind can create ideas and then transform that in to sentences, that ways you won't stammer or run out of ideas because your mind was way ahead than your words.

Mostly if we are too slow, we tend to out think what we are saying, and in case we are too fast we are stuck at point where we find ourself thinking " what to say?'.

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