How do the two girls know each other?
Were are they?
What happened?
Why is one of the girls so angry?
Why does the other one smile?
What will happen?

How do the other girls know each other?

When Emma moved to Frankfort,Kentucky when she was unpacking their next door neighbors knocked on the door they wanted to meet the new neighbors, they had tee and Emma and Stacy where almost exactly the the same First time they went in a bowling alley, While Stacy had a decent score, Emma was jealous of Stacy's score, Emma was not going to let that stop hear from getting her attention Emma was getting ready to hit the 10 pins. Emma lines up to take the shot she Slipped her finger was stuck inside the ball she flew Across the floor She felt extremely embarrassed. Emma was angry of Stacy for laughing at her accident Stacy looked at Emma she was smiling because of the whole incident of Stacy for trying to show her bowling talents. Emma tried to forget about that whole incident but she was never the same after that tragedy.

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