Do you pronounce raw and broad as the short sound O, as in rot or dot?

I heard some people pronounce them that way.

In the dictionary, however, they are both pronounced as in dog or taught.


These sounds vary considerably with dialects of English. I am American and pronounce the stressed vowels of raw, broad, dog, taught, awful, and Aukland the same.
I'd say that generally raw and broad are pronounced with a long /o/, so different from the O sound in rot and dot, which is a short /o/ in British English or more like a long /a/ in American English.
As for dog I think there is a difference between BrE and AmE. The British would pronounce it with a short /o/ while the Americans with a long /o/.
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Well, my dialect possesses the father-bother-don-dawn-cot-caught merger, so raw, broad, rot, dot, dog, and taught all have the same vowel sound.
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