Dear all,

today I found some difficulties in understanding my customer´s request:

My customer asked me to remove 3 shelves on the stand design. In this design, there was drawn 3 raws of shelves in vertical position and for each raw, there were 6 shelves in vertical position.

Total shelves : 18 pieces.

My customer asked to remove 3 shelves this means 1 horizontal raw of shelves (meaning 3 pieces) or 3 raws of shelves? (total 9 shelves) ??

Is it clear or should I attach a picture?

Anyway , is it correct raw of shelves??

Thank you for your replies...it is important :-)

Hi Pamela
The word is "row" not "raw."
I'd really like to help you but I don't know what you're talking about. Your English is perfectly understandable, but I'm confused by your description of what you have to offer, and what your customer wants to modify. Perhaps a drawing or photo or sketch would help.
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Hi John!

thank you for your reply, I am sorry I wasn´t enough clear.. I´ll try to explain this without any picture.

On the right wall of this stand, there are 3 vertical rows (thank you for correcting this) of shelves. Each row is made by 6 shelves- Total 18 shelves in total.
My customers asked me to remove (from the stand design visualization) 3 shelves, so I am not sure if he means 3 pieces (only one vertical row) or 3 horizontal rows of shelves. (total 9 shelves).

Do you think is a little bit clearer? If not , tomorrow I ll attach a picture, I don´t have it right now.

Thank you so much for your help!!
OK Pamela, I understand, and if I were you I would be wondering what your client wants as well. You'll need to ask your client the same question you asked here because both possibilities are feasible. He will need to be more specific about which shelves he wants and which shelves he does not want. Your use of horizontal and vertical is perfect and I would pursue this line of questioning with him.
Thank you John!! so helpful!!

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