Hi Hitchhiker

Will our avatars be put back on the spaces for them, or do we have to select another one to replace the missing avatar?
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Yes it was mentioned in an earlier thread (EnglishForward update tomorrow) that members need to re-upload avatars.
Also, please start new threads for new topics so the original issue stays on topic and we don't get confused. Will split this into a new thread now. Emotion: wink
Hi Punkybrewster

Is it possible to let me have my orignal avatar so that I can paste it back on the empty space?

Many thanks.
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As far as I know we didn't save avatars but I will check with Hitch. See if you have it saved locally somewhere as well.
Can you describe your avatar? We might have found it...
Hi Punkybrewster

My avatar shows me being crowded by girls. I think it's easy to find it. It gives the impression that I'm a playboy, but I'm not.

I hope you will be able to retrieve my avatar for me. Many thanks in advance.
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Hey Yoong Liat (so it was YOU on the avatar! Cool!), why cannot you upload it again from a local folder in your computer? Don't you have it saved there?
If you can retrieve it for me, so much the better. Otherwise, being not computer savvy, I would take months to locate it.

Could you please oblige?

Many thanks in advance.
LOL! I didn't know you were him! He was you! You were in there! Emotion: surprise
Now I don't even remember what you looked like... You want to know what I thought that avatar was? I had no idea what it was supposed to be, so I just I thought those people might be the main characters from an Asian TV series I didn't know. Emotion: stick out tongue
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