Lana: What are you doing here?

Chloe: l stumbled across
the lsis Foundation website and saw they were reaching out Helping?
to meteor victims. l wanted to see
if l could get an interview. From meteor infected?
Do you work here?

Lana: You could say that. l actually kind of am the foundation.

Chloe: When did you become such a champion Defender?
for the meteor-challenged?
Lana: Lex ruined lives with 33.1 .
Not just his victims, but their families and friends.
l'm using the divorce settlement to fight back.

Chloe: Lana, this is a little more impressive
than just writing a check.
This is not an ordinary job?
l mean, this is a major operation. Why didn't you tell me?

Lana: Don't want anyone to know until l've had
a chance to build this into something real.

Chloe: You're on the Web, you're already out there. Famous?

Lana: l launched the site so that people
that needed help could find me.
Grassroots (Plain people?) is really all l want right now.
Hello MH,

1. They have a policy of contacting the victims to offer them help.

2. With Isis, I think.

3. Yes; someone who stands up for the victim's rights.

4. More impressive than simply writing a cheque for a charity.

5. You're "in the public domain": i.e. people can already find out about you from the Internet.

6. Difficult without context; but she probably means "I want to concentrate on the basics at the moment".

Best wishes,

Thank you, MrPedantic!