should I say that something is pronounced as <...> or something is pronounced <...>? Do I read something as <...> or do I read it <...>? What about the verb "write"?
My dictionaries don't list any collocations or good examples for this. Some more examples:

I pronounce "dew" (as) do.
Matter should be pronounced (as) madder.
You can read "Luigi" (as)"lew-we-gee".
You write it (as)"Nike" but you read it (as) Nike-E.

I've been using "as" but I'm not sure it's the right way. Thanks Emotion: smile

I'd call it OK but redundant, and to be removed in writing. In speech, it makes the sentence clearer by separating e.g. /du:/ and /du:/ with a pause of sorts.
It seems I can do whatever I want then...
Thanks MM Emotion: smile