Please correct my essay Emotion: big smile

TASK: Describe the domestic tasks in your household and your general lifestyle

(approximately 250 words)

My family’s life

At home we live pretty much as they did in the 17th century. My father is taking care of the garden,

but he doesn’t do much more than that. Even though he thinks he earns very much appreciation,

cause of his works in the garden, he is not willing to appreciate others work, especially not my mothers.

She does the laundry, the cooking, and all the other boring domestic work. Although it takes a lot more

time to do, it’s not worth the same, according to my father’s point of view.

Except what I wrote above, my parents are spending extensive time at work. If they aren’t at work,

they are probably sitting in front of the computer, although they don’t know how to use it. (Probably

cause they didn’t grow up with computers) I am probably spending even more spare-time in front

of the computer, mostly chatting in a programme called MSN. I think I’m an average youth, going

to parties every second week, works in the weekends and having a free year from school, like most

of the others in my age. You have read what I am doing, so I am not having especially much time

doing any kind of boring domestic work. You can’t say my parents laugh at it, like I am doing right

now. No, they are arguing a lot with me about my spare-time. I am just hoping you have as much

spare-time as I have, so you can write a message to the future, just like I am doing right now.

Some notes:

Don't fluctuate between verb forms present continuous is for right now (I am writing this post), and present simple is for habitual activities (I write posts every day).

Use an apostrophe to show possession, except for pronouns: mother's work.

Work is uncountable-- my work is always boring.

Cause and because are different words.

Avoid contractions in formal writing: I am, it is, do not.

Spare time is two words.

Thank you Mister Micawber for your correction.

I`m a self study student in ENGLISH, and hope this site can help me to improve my english.

My goal is to be so good in ENGLISH, that I can study a year in England...

Thanks again Mister Micawber - happy for your corrections in the future

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