My dictionary tells me that the forms of the "read" verb are "read,read,read" so : "I read a book yesterday", not "I readed a book yesterday". Then why Google shows over 1.000.000 results for the word "readed"?
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Hi Konrados

Google will give me all sorts of things, including wrong words.

For example, I type 'univresity' and got the following, which is only a tiny fraction of what they provided.


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Business Services. (406) 243-6260 Fax (406) 243-4867. THE UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA. Petty Cash Fund Request. Department Name:. Chairperson Name: ...
www.umt.edu/bussrvcs/files/Petty_Cash_Fund_Request.pdf - Similar pages - Note this

YouTube - Leo at the univresity

Leo at the univresity. Hello, you either have JavaScript ...
2 min 3 sec -

OK thanks, so it's not correct?
Btw: "univresity" gives only about 12.000 results. "Readed" gives many more ...
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Hi Konrados

You seem to think that more hits means 'readed' is correct.
Google also gives many hits with words like 'taked' and 'gived', and the horrendous 'its' vs. 'it's'. Irregular verbs and their inflection can be hard especially for foreigner, hence the 'popularity'.
Remember that just because something is on the Internet, doesn't necessarily mean that it's correct.
Hi Zerox

A very good reply.

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OK, I get it now Emotion: smile Thanks.
Hi Konrados,

I see you haven't been welcomed yet, so ... welcome to the forums!

As the others have pointed out, you can find anything on the internet. I googled "readed", as you did", and got 1,260,000 hits. However, I could have access to only 938 of them. Where did the other 1,259,062 disappear???
If you want to know why Google is not reliable when it comes to very large numbers, you might want to have a look at titled vs entitled.

Besides, while the vast majority of the occurrences were simply grammar mistakes (those where "read" should have been used), there were also some instances where "readed" was a typo (for instance, "Adobe Acrobat Readed" instead of "Adobe Acrobat Reader"), or lines from computer programs (for instance, "if end-begin < READBSIZE readed = end-begin"), where you can label some things to your heart's content.

Keep using Google, but don't trust it completely! Emotion: smile
TanitI see you haven't been welcomed yet, so ... welcome to the forums!
Thank you!
And OK, I won't trust Google so much any more Emotion: smile
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