Hi everyone!

do you guys read books online to improve your reading skills, or just for fun?

What do you think of this website??


Usually I find it difficult to read online but there it is quite easy to stay focus on the book. And there are translations Emotion: big smile

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No. I don't like reading books online😬. Once I tried to read "Emma" online but couldn't finish it for three months😩. Then I bought all the novels that were included in my Master's course and finished reading them in a month and half.😊

I have visited the website. It seems interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

I'm reading "Kafka on the shore" by Haruki Murikami. I think it's quite interesting and reading books like this helps me improve my english.
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Sometimes I read books online but I cannot do it in the long run. I think I just cannot feel relaxed reading online books... No idea why. Maybe I will manage to read more online books in the future.

Read as many books as possible, but very few are hard-copy books. I've switched to e-books available from the public library that I can read on my tablet or phone. Don't have to return them to the library; they expire after 21 days. And it never gets lost if I leave it behind. If there's one I can't live without, it's available on Amazon as an e-book, generally less expensive than a paperback or hard-cover edition. Won't cost a dime if a move is in the future either. Also, I'm starting picking up a new habit of listening to books. I'm improving my multitasking skills since can work on my blog (visit website if interested) and at the same time listen to a book.

I tried to listen but for me, it just feels so slow... Do you feel a big difference between reading and listening?

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Hi there! Earlier I was reading books online quite often, but now I feel that I receive much more pleasure if I read the real book and can keep it in my hands Emotion: smile

Good website Emotion: smile

I do not like read books online to improve my reading skills, or just for fun! Sorry! It is boring and I very tired. I like read paper book with translation. But Zulu translation book are small. But I like read simple English book and check my knowledge by simple Wiki - simple.wikipedia.org.

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