Hi there. The text has been extracted from FCE Big Test book. It's Reading Section (Paper 1) and I think it would be useful. Try your luck! Emotion: smile

You're going to read a teacher's memories of a class she taught. For questions below, choose answer which you think fits best according to the text:

Halliday's writing leaned very much back to the left. He was the only pupil in the class who wrote this way. He was a nuisance in poetry lessons as he would giggle and make faces and could never be persuaded to read aloud. His silly behaviour made me believe that he didn’t like poetry. However, when I gave the class test in which they had to write down some poetry they had learned by heart, Halliday seemed to know the most.

Halliday had a special dislike for art and I allowed him to read during this period. He never volunteered for drama and refused to make a speech. Football was the one thing at which he excelled, but the sports teacher decided that he did nor assert himself enough and he made another boy captain. This boy – his name was John Jones – could hardly read or write. All attempts to make him work failed, but he captained the team with amazing skill.

I remember an occasion when he led out school eleven out of the changing rooms for a cup match against our fiercest rivals, the team from nearby Winterton school. The Winterton girls’ hockey team had already beaten out own girls’ team and this – plus their excellent start to the season – had raised their morale to a fearsome level. Even so, John played like a true professional. Our only soccer, he made good use of Halliday’s passes and scored a goal for every two that the Winterton players could manage between them. Though Kingston lost, the match was a triumph for Captain Jones!

In spite of all this, the pupil who impressed me most in the end was David Halliday. He gained my admiration on a day when I had his class for art. The came into the hut shouting and pushing and I sent them out again and told them they wouldn’t have a lesson until they walked in properly. They thought it was fun to waste as much time as possible and they jeered and cheered outside the hut. I let them go on for a minute. Suddenly noise stopped and in marched Halliday.

“They’re alright now”, he said. “I’ve got them lined up”. I looked outside and sure enough the pupils of class 2D were arranged like well drilled soldiers; they were in order of size and in perfect line – so still I could see them shivering in the chilly air. “Walk in quietly” Halliday commanded. They obeyed their superior officer and the lesson began. Halliday himself, as usual, refused to work. “Can I just sit and have a nap?” he asked. After the help he had given me I could hardly refuse.

  1. Halliday stood out from the other pupils because of his
  2. Halliday failed to be chosen as captain of the football team because
  3. Who felt really confident at the start of the match?
  4. The match was a triumph for John Jones because
  5. After being turned out of the hut, class 2D started behaving themselves because
  6. David Halliday’s teacher
  7. Halliday wanted a nap because
  8. Which of the following do you think would be the best title for the passage?


I got a perfect score! That was a good test, but i just have some an observation about typo error. Thanks anyway!
Oh I'm sorry, but I also committed typo error! It should be "I had an observation" instead of " I have some an observation." Emotion: smile
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Hi! I found this reading very usefull because it is one I have in a book which I dont have the answers. I'd like to ask you something. I have the book "First certificate tesbuilder", not the 2008 updated version, but the oldest one. The thing is that I don´t have the answers so, Do you know from where can i get them? Just for you to know the name of the readings are: Grown your own, Who was Robin Hood and British Seaside Resorts. Thank you!