[" This isn't happening," I said. " I'm still at home in England enjoying Christmas. Pass me a drop more port, will you, darling?"]

* I am reading Bill Bryson's 'Neither here nor there', and can't understand the sentence above. What does the 'Pass me a drop more port 'mean?

anonymousPass me a drop more port.

pass ~ give ~ serve
drop ~ small amount (of a liquid)
port ~ a strong sweet wine that people sometimes drink at the end of a meal



Pass me a drop more port

Pass me means give (to) me It is commonly said when people are sitting at a table for a meal.

Fore example, I want some more meat. It is near you, but I can't reach it. So, I ask you to pass it to me.

a drop more means a small amount more (of liquid).

eg a drop more tea

eg a drop more wine.

port is a type of alcoholic drink.


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Thank you very much. By the way, why did he say like this? He is now in Oslo not in England. He arrived at the bus station to take a bus to Hammersfelt. He reserved a ticket and the girl at the ticket desk said she had no record of his reservation. Then he said like that.( "This isn't happening~~~~~~~~~~..)

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