Comprehension & discussion Question : based on the reading, answer the following questions.
1. What is the purpose of rules, whatever their kind?
2. What role do the courts play in a society?
3. What is meant by "ignorance of laws can deprive people of their rights"?
4. Can you think of some examples where natural environment affects the rules of society?
Can you think of a human society or developement that has not invented rules?
5. Do you think it's possible to rely strictly on justice in deciding what's right and wrong?
6. Have advancements in science and technology affected laws? Provide examples.
What is your question about these questions?
AnonymousMatch the following:
You can use the dictionary for that exercise.
I'll start you off: 1-g. Emotion: wink
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Vocabulary: You will need to the following words for the reading. Match the following:
1. forbid a. modify and amend
2. govern b. ensure
3. provide c. observe, respect
4. punish d. deny
5. obey e. sentence
6. deprive f. regulate
7. review g. prohibit, ban
Mister MicawberWhat is your question about these questions?
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