Hello, I am a russian student.

I look for a list of books to read in order to improve my English.
The subject doesn't matter, the main thing is that they were easy to read.

And it would be great if they could be found on audio, ie read by actors.
(I mean that if a book is (or was) very popular it probably was read. So it is helpul not just read by yourself, but also listen to correct English prononciation etc etc

Would it be classic or modern litterature, books for beginners or advanced learners (or native speakers) that's not important for me.

ps Please dont recommend The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter.

thank you in advance, Eugene (Email Removed">Email Removed)
If I remember right, Lord of the Ring is a bit hard to read anyway. You seem like you don't like the genre but but in general, fantasy books are easy to read and a good place to start before attempting harder texts.

Especially Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's books are easy to find and read. Also it wont probably feel like a chore reading them. Not mention you might be able to find audio text for those, although I can't comment on their quality.
What do you enjoy reading now? It helps to have some idea.

Initial ideas:

Stephen King, Jack Higgins, Tom Clancy - all lively and popular writers. You will find most leading fiction authors on audio [not on the net - you will have to borrow or buy them]
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At this moment I enjoy reading Ernest Hemingway "A Farewell to arms".
In fact I dont like italian names (like Tenente etc) - that doesnt help in learning English,
but despite that everything is great and besides I found the reading of "farewell" on cd (THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT).

Well in fact what I need is a living language, so modern litterature would also be great !

ps. Thank you for answering
I suggest you read "Can you keep a secret?" by Sophie Kinsella. [L][L]
Well, thank you I will try to find "Can you keep a secret".

I must add that books by Stephen King are fearful.

I got "The stand" and began to read it but I found it frightening and stopped.

Anything else?
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Well yeah Hemmingway is great.

I also found "Can you keep a secret".
+ Ken Kesey "One flew".

That's the sort of books that I like, you see.
I like "The undomestic goddess" by Sophie Kinsella too. And I reccomment "Jemima J" by Jane Green. [H]
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