What are peoples reading suggestions for learning english? I thought I could start off with this recommended on this language school blog: 10 books we recommend.

Of those ten recommended books, I've read "Animal Farm", "Fantastic Mr. Fox", and "Of Mice and Men". Sad to say, I've never heard of the others Emotion: tongue tied

Hi there! Your recommendation is really helpful! But I think that if you will just come into the book store, you will find a lot of interesting and helpful books for your own level of English! So good luck to you

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Unfortunately, from the list you provided I just read a few books( My strategy is not only effective English learning, but also enjoying this process. So, when I want to improve my reading skills as well as vocabulary, I prefer books I’ve wanted to read for a long time. On the web, you can find a great list of top 100 books according to BBC. I found plenty of books in this rating just amazing. “Pride and Prejudice”, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “ The Catcher in the Rye”, “Little Women”, “Gone with the Wind”, “David Copperfield”, “The Great Gatsby”, and so much more!