I have several questions.

1. Should I use "on the basis of" or "through"?

2. Is there something better than "reference books" for this context?Meaning that I'm looking for here is- books on negotiation, but it seems clumsy.

3. "in real cicumstances" ?

4. "constituent" or "constituent elements" - refers to the constituent elements of the process of negotiation

These constituent elements/constituents can be understood and acquired on the basis of/through careful study of reference books and through their practice in real circumstances it is possible to enhance chances for successful outcomes.

Sorry for such a long post and thank you for reading it.
I vote for "through", and I think "references" is better than "reference books", since reference books can imply encyclopedias, ....

In/under the real circumstances.
Thank you Language Lover! I appreciate your help