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That's my first post here, I hope you like it..

I would like to know your definition for REAL friends...

How do you distinguish between your good friends and mean friends..

In my openion,

Real friends are always ready for help when you need them even if you don't ask for help!!

if you have other points, share it with me please Emotion: smile

Thanks [F]
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Real friends are honest to you , have faith in your. always support you whatever decision you make, are considerate of you, take care of you, always beside you when you are in troble................many many

Actually, in my opinion, in real life, it is quite hard to make real friends.
yeah.. I agree with you. it's hard to find reall friends these days!

Hellooo.. where are the others? You didn't like my topic Emotion: sad ?
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Well Raindrop, you are quite right when you say that real friends friends are hard to find!! God alone knows where they have gone?? Emotion: wink

It is really dificult to define real friends from fake ones.

Generally real friend are those who are honest, trustworty and reliable. Those who stand with you in troubles and never leave you alone.

Good topic, keep the good work up !!
Yeah it's really hard to find new friends nowadays
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that's my first post.

I want to know if every body here is from Uk
I'll answer another way... Sometimes I can read in this forum that users want to make real friends here. Do you think it is possible here?

Best wishes Emotion: smile
Well.. sometimes, there could be real internet friends. I have an internet friend, whom I met last May and we still talk to each other and miss each other if we don't talk everyday. I didn't know how she looks like or actually that didn't take my attention.

Having a sersious friendship with the another person, depends on how honest you are with the other person and how honest the other person is.

Best Regards Emotion: smile
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