hey everyone ...

i gotta do a speech on the topic " REALITY TV SHOWS SHOULD BE BANNED" .... and i am soo confused what to write Emotion: sad i noe i agree to it but i need to give a reason too, n i must include stuff likeit effect children*.. *racism
PLz Help!! Emotion: sad
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Tell us what YOU think about Reality TV shows to start off with.

Lil' Ruby Rose
well thats the thing i cant express my views to the full i am really cra at writing this sort of stuff ...k i try... I think they shud be banned because of racism issues, one of the examples is "Celebrity Big Brother"
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You could equally argue that they do good by exposing racist attitudes and encouraging public debate on them...

You really need to sit down and think about it - what negative effects could a show have on a participant? What negative effects could a show have on watchers?

I'll start you off with one - participants are often exposed to extreme stress to create 'good TV' - what psychological effect might this have on them?
You really do need to put a bit of work into this yourself, otherwise it just feels like you are asking us to do your assignment for you.

I'll give you another idea - they are just a 21st century equivalent of the Victorian Freak Show.
I think you should relax and write things that you have seen on TV as telespectator. If you see the reality inmediatly will be able to see the negative effects on people, for example they don' t do positive things...

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hey laura and lauren here. Emotion: big smile were doing a paired debate as a talk about reality tv and were stuck on what to say aswell lol Emotion: sad xx
Hey Rouge,
I just surfed the Internet and find the Reality TV link in Youtube. Watch some first, i think this will help you:)
Aiight Ppl need help here i need as many opinions about reality tv bein banned because im doin dis 4 coursework at college so if u cud post ya views 2 me dat wud b great or u cud email me if u can reply bac 2 me on dis <e-mail removed. please respond within the forum or register and list your e-mail address there> i have ma own views buh i wanna kno wah otha ppl tink to tanx natalie xxx
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