Let's move the discussion about "realize" to a new thread, since it's unrelated to what the topic was. I will split those off for you, and please refrain from personal attacks.

(I think all of those examples of "I just realize" are all typos and they should all have been "realized.)
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dimsumexpressI just realize something.

I (have) just realizedsomething. Emotion: smile
Are you suggesting that my sentence was wrong? As you can see, this is quite common.

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    dimsumexpressAre you suggesting that my sentence was wrong?

    That is my suggestion, yes. Emotion: smile
    Can you elaborate how so? I realize as I speak, there is nothing wrong.
    I have realized - suggests realization over a period of time which was not my case.

    I hope this is ok with you!
    I could be wrong with this, of course, but my general feeling is that either the past simple or present perfect is required.

    The present simple, to me, doesn't work because the act of realizing was done prior to your writing the sentence. Thus, it happened before the present time.

    Using the past simple shows that the realizing happened before the writing, while, I think, the present perfect shows it happened over a period of time, starting in the past and continuing into the present. This implies that the realizing wasn't a sudden epiphany, if you will, but instead a gradual understanding over a period of time. If you meant not to imply this, then I feel the past simple is required.

    I would love to hear from someone else to know for sure, however Emotion: smile
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    English 1b,
    We had a few discussions in the past. You tend to take everything you have learned over the top in my opinion. I am fully aware of the rules you mentioned above. I also have shown you people do use "realize" in present tense farily commonly. Believe what you will. I have no further interest to carry on this discussion.
    Additionally, I think the simple present is used exclusively to refer to habits or states of being, neither of which matches the way your verb works.
    Thanks, GG. If you have anything to add to the discussion, you are of course welcome Emotion: smile
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