Ok, I'm translating some of the Italian ones... I'll update them daily... Emotion: big smile

  1. It got wings, but no feathers, flies in the air but doesn't say: "cip cip"

  2. What's that speaks every single language of the world?

  3. What happens if 3 dogs meet 2 more dogs?

  4. It works only if there's someone following it.

  5. It can get longer but not shorter.
  1. Airplane

  2. Echo

  3. You have five dogs

  4. Guide

  5. Elastic
Nice riddle YoHf, though quite easy.

Mr John
1 2 3 4
The first one's an aeroplane, obviously. Unless you spell it "airplane"Emotion: stick out tongue

- Tearsofjoy
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Is "4" a plough?

- TearsOJ
You got nr.1 but you're wrong on nr.4... Emotion: smile

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Dj Bueno2.Tongue?


Both wrong... Emotion: stick out tongue Try again... Emotion: big smile
2 tv
3_ one dog will be left.
4_ the wheel barrow
Lol... None of them... Emotion: big smile

Keep trying... Emotion: stick out tongue
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