Hello. Would anyone please give me a clear example of appropriating and reappropriating?

Thanks in advance


He was convicted of appropriating luxury vehicles seized from the customs authority.
Another bailiff has taken to appropriating one of the comfortably padded marshal's chairs when it's not in use.

The borough is appropriating from the general fund a total of $100,000 for the project.
He is accused of appropriating the work of other writers and pretending he invented it himself.

Congress still must go through a process of appropriating money to fund the bill's provisions.

Appropriating Greek and Roman temples for their own place of worship was common practice among the early Christians.

Appropriating the only water hole in a desert and charging outrageous prices for a bottle of water would not be honorable.

England's success in its colonial period in appropriating large amounts of territory from indigenous peoples led to English becoming the dominant world language.

soheil1appropriating and reappropriating

To appropriate something is basically to take it, to take possession of it, to take control of it, often, but not necessarily, so as to allocate or assign it to some specific use. The most frequently appropriated items are money (funds), water, and lands.

Examples with paraphrases:

Congress may refuse to appropriate funds for presidential actions it deems to be unwise. (may refuse to set aside funds)

The court has today recorded a permit to appropriate water from public lands for irrigation purposes. (a permit to take and use water)

The agent reported that the company sought to appropriate lands that were legally the property of the Cuban State. He explained that the men being threatened with eviction were only trying to do right by their families, and they were awaiting justice from the governors. (Paraphrased from "Rebel Lands of Cuba" by Swanger.) (to take control over lands — this usage is close to saying "to steal lands")

To reappropriate is to appropriate again. This may involve a change of mind about the reason for appropriating it in the first place.

Congress will be reappropriating funds to domestic matters which were previously allocated to the committee for foreign affairs.

These terms are mostly found in the practice of law and government. They are not used in ordinary conversations.