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That is an anagram for no meaningful English word or phrase.

Regards to all, Dave
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Oops! You're right, Dave. I missed it - it was right at the [url=http://wordsmith.org/anagram/anagram.cgi?anagram=igrtiatrin&t=1000&a=n ]TOP[/url].

That's right - I can't claim any credit - I just googled it and there it was

Best regards, Dave
Hi again

..which raises the question whether there are anagrams that cannot be broken by an internet search engine

I'm not at all sure. Within half an hour, I've discovered that a word or phrase that is at the edge of sensibility is a stenoky rheme

But it is also an anagram of some animals that live at the edge of sensibility...

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Yipes! Googling 'stenoky rheme' gets me no sensible page.
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